Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Vans Baisa - January 2008 FHM Girlfriend of the Month

Somehow we fear all women to be like Vans. During the day, she is hands-on with her own internet café; at night, she does the rounds at gig circuits as an R&B singer, if not doing the catwalk as a model. Clearly, this packed schedule just won’t sit well with clingy, needy boyfriends like us. But after giving it some serious “adult mindset” thought, and writing down “Not to be protective of our girlfriend again” on our New Year’s resolutions list, we came up with an equation: Girlfriend has no time to reflect on unnecessary things = no jealous fits, no nagging, no complications. Hence, a truly happy life!

Minding her own business
I own an Internet café in Cainta called 88 Plus. So far business is doing good. I think kasi it’s the modern form of communication. The lives of today’s people are now largely dependent on the internet. I’m thankful for that kasi malaki rin ang naitutulong sa family ko nung kita. But if you ask me, I’m not an Internet buff myself, but I have a Friendster account.

What she writes
I write better when I’m heartbroken or in love. Siyempre mas realistic yung mga sinusulat ko pag feel ko talaga, ha ha! Pero right now, I rely on past experiences kasi wala naman akong special someone to write about.

Long timer
When it comes to men, I don’t care much about the looks, basta I want someone who’s in for the long haul. Ayaw ko nung pang-short time lang. Tama na ang laro!

New Year’s resolution
This year, I promise to work harder year to either release an album or make my business grow, or both. So wish me luck!