Monday, November 17, 2008

Gemma Gatdula - White Castle Girl

I didn’t expect to be chosen because most of the finalists were very pretty and had the potential to be the White Castle girl. But in the end, it’s still the judges’ choice and I’m very proud and happy that I won. I guess they chose me because of my looks, confidence and personality.

The inevitable first question would be—how does it feel to be this year’s White Castle Whiskey girl?

It’s a great honor, being one of the ladies in the castle, wearing a red two-piece bikini, and riding on top of a white horse that’s already an icon in the Philippine liquor industry.

Is drinking something you enjoy, by the way?

You could say I’m a social drinker. I like whiskey on the rocks, or when it’s prepared as a cocktail. I really like the taste when it’s mixed.

If you were a drink, what would you be?

I still might be a whiskey that’s aged in pristine oak barrels for a year to delineate its quality, ha ha! Aside from that, you also feel the quality of its taste and smoothness, which reflects my personality.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Kissa Kurdi: A 100% FHM Hottie : 2008 April

Kissa's real name is Sally Tuason. "Yung mga Baywalk Bodies, usually kasi soap or shampoo name. Tapos yung “Kurdi” nung mga time na yun sikat na sikat si Yasmien Kurdi. Sally Tuason talaga. Yung manager ko nagbigay nung “Kissa”. Ngayon mas sanay ako sa Kissa pero mga relatives ko tawag sa akin Sally."

Her skin is as white as snow or better yet, as smooth and beautiful as Kris Aquino, the popular endorser of the brand of soap which she is named after.

Her smile is as charming as Yasmien Kurdi, the Starstruck sensation who has grown right before our very eyes.

But she is definitely more than just eye candy.

Meet Kissa Kurdi. This seductive member of the controversial all-girl group Baywalk Bodies can do it all: act, sing, dance, do the laundry, clean the house, cook and of course gamely pose for us in this month's bare-it-all edition of 100% FHM Hottie.

So if you're ready for summer and all the hot hot hot things that come with this festive season, feel free to browse through her fresh of the grill photos and as you get to know the real Kissa.

So how did you find the shoot?

  • Medyo napagod ako.kasi mainit lalo na yung sa pool. Pero masaya siya. Ang nangyari kasi ay unti-unti mong tatanggalin yung damit hanggang sa wala nang natitira. Una nag-lingerie ako, then may formal din tapos may gown. Yung gustong gusto ko yung gown. Para akong abay. Pero maganda.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Krista Ranillo admits she’s now more open to her father about going sexy

Krista says that she is not yet prepared to go daring "all the way" but reiterates that she has no regrets when she went sexy for her launching movie, digital film "Paupahan".

Her role was a bit far from her usual teeny-bopper characters and it even required Krista to use street lingo, which was the cause of her misunderstanding with her father, actor Matt Ranillo III.

"With the film (Paupahan), I have no regrets kasi maganda ang cast, a lot of people appreciated it naman and I can say it’s a quality film. I guess ang mali ko lang talaga is that I failed to inform my dad about the totality of the character," she explained.

"Medyo sexy pero I didn’t show any flesh. Yung language lang as in bold siya, nagmumura siya palagi. I actually informed him (her father, Matt) about the film pero siya kasi as an actor, ayaw niyang makialam dun sa script. Ayaw niyang basahin dahil it’s my project."

Lesson learned, she said that in her future projects, she will make sure to inform her dad on what to expect so that he would not be surprised.

The actress, who’s recently one of the stars asked to fill in for TV Patrol’s showbiz anchor Phoemela Baranda, however admitted that she has yet to have the courage to go all-out sexy.

"Hindi ko pa rin matanggap na I’ll do talaga all-out mature roles. So it’s good na medyo nagho-host ako tapos meron din akong wholesome roles."

Incidentally, Krista recently came out as the cover girl of a men’s magazine and she was quick to say that both she and her dad have come to terms with their profession.

"We’re okay na. He’s more understanding now, and I’m more open to him about my decisions," she said.

Krista will be appearing soon in Your Song’s "Give Me A Chance" which also stars Aiko Melendez, Carlo Guevarra, Christian Vasquez and John Prats.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Jennifer Lee Covergirl on FHM

Since the emergence of the lethal beauties like The Charlie's Angels, we've never tired of these lady assassins who can front seduction and kill you the moment you turn your back on them. Apart from the recent silver screen three-part remake, these Angels have also garnered their Asian counterparts. And somehow, their chinita equivalents seem more appealing, too. It must be the sexy slits of their eyes or their ninja-like maneuvers; whatever it is, their sexiness tugs at us like nun chucks to the heart.

There's supermodel Devon Aoki, shifting gears on 2 Fast 2 Furious and slicing arteries on Sin City" And then there's Naked Weapon dearie Maggie Q who commands both desire and fear with her killer massage moves. And of course, how can we forget the lovely Shu Qi of So Close, dressed in her sexy all-white outfit, literally flying in and out of elevators firing the brains out of her adversaries? Lovely isn't? These chinitas have truly gone out of their demure shells and are now serious with the kick ass business!

FHM Appearances

  • FHM Magazine Cover Girl : 2005 June
  • The Girls of FHM : 2007 October
  • FHM Online Babes : 2008 August
  • 2007 FHM 100 Sexiest : #53
  • 2006 FHM 100 Sexiest : #21
  • 2005 FHM 100 Sexiest : #22


"I have no particular standards. Hindi ko masabi kasi kahit sabihin kong gusto ko ng matangkad, moreno, smart, Mr. Perfect, there’s no such thing. Nobody’s perfect. I want someone who’s just nice, sweet, yung kaya akong alagaan and irespeto. Guys that I can have a relationship with nang matagalan."

Jennifer on being sexy:
"I think it’s my personality. Ayokong sabihing body ko kasi sometimes I feel sexy, sometimes I feel bloated. I think I’m sexy the way I talk, the way I carry myself."

“I’m an athlete, I do taekwondo. I started in elementary but I joined competitions only when I was in high school. I even won a gold medal in one unit meet in Laguna.”

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Trish - July 2008 FHM Girlfriend of the Month

Trish Caoili is an aspiring Lawyer, She's taking up Legal Management. "I’m on my second year in my pre-law, Legal Management. My great grandfather was once into politics and I’m hoping that one day I can carry on what he started. I graduated salutatorian in high school and I’m very bookish and grade-conscious, so feeling ko kaya ko naman."

Right before you sits this nation’s hope for a bright future. Our girlfriend Trish juggles her time with modeling and school works, and yet she still manages to find some time to help the country in her own little way as an aktibista. Soon enough she’ll campaign against corrupt officials, and there’s no doubt the population is going to pay heed.

I’m on my second year in my pre-law, Legal Management. My great grandfather was once into politics and I’m hoping that one day I can carry on what he started. I graduated salutatorian in high school and I’m very bookish and grade-conscious, so feeling ko kaya ko naman.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Maxim Philippines Issue 1 Scans: Angelica Panganiban

  • Full Name: Angelica David Panganiban
  • Screen Name: Angelica Panganiban
  • Nickname: Angel
  • Birthdate: November 4, 1986
  • Zodiac: Scorpio
  • School: St. Vincent’s School
  • TV Show: G-Mik, Sa Puso Ko, Iingatan Ka
  • Hobbies: listening to music, playing Playstation and reading

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Vans Baisa - January 2008 FHM Girlfriend of the Month

Somehow we fear all women to be like Vans. During the day, she is hands-on with her own internet café; at night, she does the rounds at gig circuits as an R&B singer, if not doing the catwalk as a model. Clearly, this packed schedule just won’t sit well with clingy, needy boyfriends like us. But after giving it some serious “adult mindset” thought, and writing down “Not to be protective of our girlfriend again” on our New Year’s resolutions list, we came up with an equation: Girlfriend has no time to reflect on unnecessary things = no jealous fits, no nagging, no complications. Hence, a truly happy life!

Minding her own business
I own an Internet café in Cainta called 88 Plus. So far business is doing good. I think kasi it’s the modern form of communication. The lives of today’s people are now largely dependent on the internet. I’m thankful for that kasi malaki rin ang naitutulong sa family ko nung kita. But if you ask me, I’m not an Internet buff myself, but I have a Friendster account.

What she writes
I write better when I’m heartbroken or in love. Siyempre mas realistic yung mga sinusulat ko pag feel ko talaga, ha ha! Pero right now, I rely on past experiences kasi wala naman akong special someone to write about.

Long timer
When it comes to men, I don’t care much about the looks, basta I want someone who’s in for the long haul. Ayaw ko nung pang-short time lang. Tama na ang laro!

New Year’s resolution
This year, I promise to work harder year to either release an album or make my business grow, or both. So wish me luck!