Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Kissa Kurdi: A 100% FHM Hottie : 2008 April

Kissa's real name is Sally Tuason. "Yung mga Baywalk Bodies, usually kasi soap or shampoo name. Tapos yung “Kurdi” nung mga time na yun sikat na sikat si Yasmien Kurdi. Sally Tuason talaga. Yung manager ko nagbigay nung “Kissa”. Ngayon mas sanay ako sa Kissa pero mga relatives ko tawag sa akin Sally."

Her skin is as white as snow or better yet, as smooth and beautiful as Kris Aquino, the popular endorser of the brand of soap which she is named after.

Her smile is as charming as Yasmien Kurdi, the Starstruck sensation who has grown right before our very eyes.

But she is definitely more than just eye candy.

Meet Kissa Kurdi. This seductive member of the controversial all-girl group Baywalk Bodies can do it all: act, sing, dance, do the laundry, clean the house, cook and of course gamely pose for us in this month's bare-it-all edition of 100% FHM Hottie.

So if you're ready for summer and all the hot hot hot things that come with this festive season, feel free to browse through her fresh of the grill photos and as you get to know the real Kissa.

So how did you find the shoot?

  • Medyo napagod ako.kasi mainit lalo na yung sa pool. Pero masaya siya. Ang nangyari kasi ay unti-unti mong tatanggalin yung damit hanggang sa wala nang natitira. Una nag-lingerie ako, then may formal din tapos may gown. Yung gustong gusto ko yung gown. Para akong abay. Pero maganda.